I just had a drunk conversation with an AIM bot

04: 05
xoladym24xo: heyaa!
me: hello
xoladym24xo: well i saw you online on my buddy list......23.f right here.... and yourself???
me: spam
xoladym24xo: have we ever chatted???????
me: i dont think so
xoladym24xo: lolls, 0o0ooppsss sorry.... im a bit of a blonde occasionally o whatcha up to?????
me: uploading virus's onto your computer
xoladym24xo: well i just got out of the shower and i dont know why buttttttt i'm soooooo horny when i get out.... u ever get like that?????}
me: no
xoladym24xo: i was gonna get on my cam... do you wanna cumm see ????
me: not really
xoladym24xo: yay!!!! u do have to make a login for free but it''s only because i usse this site so that i can't be recorded kk??????
04: 10
me: what?? i said no
xoladym24xo: http://www.mywebcamshow.com/xxxsweetie is my profile page..... u just click the gold Join Freee thingy at the top then u can create a name to join seeee it?????
me: that was a question??
xoladym24xo: yea they do ask for a c.c of some kind buttttt its only to verfiy ure age. you willl NOT get charged a single cent it even says it on the page!!!!
me: you sir, are a liar
xoladym24xo: i know it is really annoying but i had to do it too when i signed up. you just go back to my profile after you get in and you can type and tell me what to do
me: i want you to stop spamming me
xoladym24xo: tthis is goin to be so awesome i can't wait hun... might wanna turn down your speakers if u have any though i can get pretty noisy sometimes!!!!!!
me: okay., I might be fucked up but you are an idiot
xoladym24xo: let me know if you're having trouble hun and i'll try and help u out to get in.
04: 15
me: i am having trouble understanding your train of thought because honestly hun you seem like a cunt
xoladym24xo: ya in yet sweetie????? it's cold and lonely in here by myself let's goooooooo!
me: wow... you must be fucking retarded
me: still there hun???

i hate you